Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wednesday, 2/22/06

We didn't see much sunshine today. As a matter of fact, we didn't see any sunshine today. Fog was fairly heavy until around noon -- and when that finally lifted, it revealed overcast skies. Oh, well. At least the temperature stayed above freezing all day -- and all night, too.

My main project for the day was cleaning all the accumulated creosote out of the chimney cap. I've been noticing that the wood stove wasn't drafting at all well and I figured that the cap was plugged, but I didn't want to be crawling around up on the roof while it was still covered with ice and snow. Today, most of the snow was gone, so I dragged out the extension ladder and did the job. That chimney cap was almost totally plugged with the particulate matter that had condensed out of the wood smoke when it hit the cold air. I don't see how the stove was drafting at all. Actually, the entire chimney probably needs to be brushed out, but I'm going to see if I can get by without doing that job until next fall.

We had a herd of deer grazing out in the garden. There were a total of seven does. Jo took several photos of them, but never could get all seven in one shot. They just wouldn't pose for her. Eventually, one of our dogs looked out the kitchen window, saw the deer and began barking. The deer left, but they'll certainly be back.



Potterjo said...

When the garden gets growing, those deer -- and all their friends -- will certainly be back.