Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Nice Day For A Walk

We've enjoyed a string of really nice days -- chilly overnight, but warming quickly during the day. It's tempting to get started out in the garden, but it's still a little too early for that, although Jo does have the seedlings that will eventually become transplants started. They are doing well under grow lights.

I took the camera along on Sunday's walk, and since my hands were full with it, I let Bucket off her leash for most of the walk. While Boo may have a host of bad habit, running off in pursuit of a squirrel that happened to cross our path isn't among them -- not that she stays right with us either. Bucket is usually either lagging behind investigating some particularly interesting smell or running ahead and becoming exasperated at the rest of us for not keeping up.

The section of trial pictured is about three-quarters of the way around the loop that we normally walk every afternoon. After a bit of climbing, we'll be in the home stretch.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Trail For A Walk.