Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cold Front Finally Arrives

I didn't have long to wait for the temperature to start dropping after making the previous post. In fact, as soon as I ventured outside again, I noticed that the air was a little bit cooler. The gusting south wind laid just long enough for it to switch around and start blowing out of the north. The north wind was just as strong and gusty as the south had been and developed a chilly bite to it by dusk. Although a few more piddly little showers came through, we never received enough rain to amount to anything. Though we haven't needed it for the past four days, the wood stove is going strong tonight.


Mary said...

Do I detect you are in a drought? Here in NC, we're 17 inches below for the year. Pretty bad.

Marvin said...

Our drought is nothing when compared to what you and other folks to our east are having to endure. During June and July we were fortunate to be on the edge of the weather system that caused flooding in the Midwest. No flooding occurred here, but we did received more summer showers than is normal. However, since then, we've dropped a little behind on rainfall.