Thursday, June 26, 2008

Studio Sunflower

Sunflower: One of the volunteers coming up under the birdfeeder in front of Jo's studio.

(It's a kind of boring photo since the sunflower is bug-free, but Mari-Nanci may like it.)



Anonymous said...

Stunning Sunflower! The birds will love the seeds once it gets older!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing boring about a great photo Marvin. We get these pop up plants under the feeders too. I usually don't let them get this far before pulling them.

Anonymous said...

I got one just starting to show signs of a seed head. The finches visit it to check on it in spite of the feeders being full of seed.

When they get that size here the gold finch begin their eternal perch and bickering on the head itself and do their best to keep the squirrels away but in the end the squirrel just bites the stalk off and eats at his leisure while it is on the ground. I don't much like that but gave up on trying to regulate wildlife about 40 years ago.

Your photography is a pleasure to see and the information presented makes a nice post as usual.

Louise said...

You know, I loved the picture. It didn't look the slightest bit boring. And then you mentioned it! It's OK. It's still beautiful.

Pat - Arkansas said...

You and your bugs! LOL (Let me hasten to say I really enjoy your bug photos!)

Beautiful shot of your volunteer sunflower.

Lana Gramlich said...

Boring shmoring! It's lovely. Are the seeds just coming in there or have they already been pilfered by birds & rat b@$t@rd squirrels?

smilnsigh said...

A flower! A flower! I actually thought the name was a ruse.... and it would be some sort of a 'sunflower bug.'

But it's not! It's a Sunflower!

And yes, she does... like it. :-)

'Smilnsigh' blog

Marvin said...

Lana: The sunflower has just opened and the seeds haven't formed yet. Each seed is like a separate little flower. You can just barely see them starting to open around the outside of the seed head.

We don't feed the birds during the summer since nature provided them with plenty of food. Without a free handout, the squirrels got mad and left the yard and are having to live like wild animals in the woods. I'm sure they will return immediately as soon as the first birdfeeder is filled this fall. They always do.

Unknown said...

I love this picture! The irregularlity of it's shape makes up for the bugs. :) And the details amazing too.

Just wanted to let you know, I'm back online now and will be watching your blog even if I can't comment on every post. Maybe after World Youth Day....

Anyway, see you round.