Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wild Senna (Senna marilandica)

Wild Senna (Senna marilandica)

Other common names: Maryland senna, Maryland wild senna, Southern wild senna.

Formerly known as: Cassia marilandica

Plant type: A native herbaceous perennial subshrub.

Plant family: Fabaceae (Pea/Legume family)

Native Range: Midwest and southeastern United States

Size: 3 to 6 feet high with a spread of 2 to 3 feet

Habitat - Open rocky woods, thickets, wet meadows, bases of bluffs, slopes.

Light requirements: Sun (Note: All sources seem to agree that this plant prefers full sun, but ours is growing in thicket at the edge of the yard and receives only a couple of hours of morning sunny. It's in total shade for the remainder of the day.)