Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arkansas Moth: Fluid Arches Moth (Morrisonia latex)

Fluid Arches Moth (Morrisonia latex)
(Photo:  Marvin Smith on 05/14/09)

From BugGuide Species Page:

Identification: Forewing gray with dark patches along costa on either side of orbicular spot, black anal dash, and double black dash along outer margin below reniform spot; orbicular spot large, pale whitish, oblong, and extending obliquely to costa; reniform spot large, kidney-shaped, yellowish with and a dark central arc and blackish shading on lower (inner) side. Hindwing dirty grayish-yellow with darker veins and black-dashed terminal line

Range: Nova Scotia to South Carolina, west to Arkansas, north to Manitoba.

Season: Adults fly from May to July.

Food: Larvae feed on leaves of a variety of deciduous trees: alder, beech, birch, black cherry, elm, hop-hornbeam, maple, oak, willow.

More photos are also available at Moth Photographers Group.



KaHolly said...

Such a pretty little moth! I have been learning about moths at Seabrooke Leckie's site: and it's been so much fun! ~karen

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Surely you aren't finding moths already this year are you Marvin? This is really a beauty.

Marvin said...

Yes, Seabrooke has an excellent site and she KNOWS her moths.

Jeannette StG said...

Wow, I could see this moth as a brooch! (sorry, but that was the blonde speaking)

Marvin said...

Lisa: We had several warm days in early January and I did see a couple of species of early moths, but this one is from last year.

Marvin said...

Jeannette: I've heard of using certain beetles as brooches, but a moth brooch would be original. I have no objections, but the moth might complain.