Sunday, January 12, 2014

Icy Waterfall

During the extremely cold temperatures earlier this month (down into the low single digits here), the little waterfall behind our house did a lot of freezing.

Inside the overhang looking out.

The waterfall is on a little winter (i.e. drainage) creek.  While it is in our more or less in our "backyard", our house is one the same level as the top of the falls.  One must still climb down into a ravine to get a good look at the falls.

Lots of icicles hanging down from the ceiling of the overhand.

Ice "flowing" over the edge of the falls.

The little winter creek that feeds the falls.

Falls from the top side.




Rambling Woods said...

That is really cold!

Pat - Arkansas said...

I enjoyed your photos, Marvin. The frozen waterfalls are lovely. Hope it has warmed up for you. We hit 60 today!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful shots. I always enjoy seeing a seep similar to this at a local park. Love seeing the sunshine too even if it is in a photo. :)

Kathie Brown said...

That's quite some ice, Marvin! We've had lovely warm weather here in Tucson with no freezes yet this winter and I think I will be out of here before we do get one! However, I think there is plenty of ice and snow just waiting for me in Maine!

I like your pictures!

Carol said...

Such beautiful pictures...glad I am enjoying them from sunny FL.