Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday, 12/27/14

Mushrooms on dead tree.

A fairly soggy day in the Ozarks, not that we actually received all that much rain -- only around three-tenths of an inch.  Jo and the dogs got a little damp this morning.  They got caught by a drizzle while returning home on their morning walk.  Our afternoon walk was a little soggy too.  Don't know if you'd call it a heavy fog or a light drizzle, but you'd get wet if you stayed out in it for a while.

Temperature fell slowly all day, but remained above freezing until almost midnight.  Then, the wet steps and porch began getting slick with ice.  Our forecast contained a chance of snow, but that did not happen.

I cleaned out our wood stove and rebuilt the fire among other piddling chores accomplished today.

Wet leaves.




Lisa at Greenbow said...

It was that kind of day here too. A warm fire sounds wonderful.

Marvin said...

A warm fire in the wood stove is the only thing between us and ... cold.

Christine said...

That is such a beautiful photo of the tree ears. Keep warm and dry!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh I love the mushroom photo....