Friday, January 25, 2008

Bucket and the Pond Ice


"This water is different."

The times we make it up to the pond when it's frozen over are few and far between. Bucket doesn't know what to make of the frozen pond surface.


"What did you do to the water?"

Whenever anything isn't meeting a dog's expectations, she tends to blame the closest human and expect the human to "fix it".


"There's nothing to this walking on water."

Bucket soon lost interest in the ice and became more concerned about what our other dog was doing that she was missing out on.



Anonymous said...

As long as he don't fall through the ice. That would be a disaster. He is such a nice-looking dog too.

imac said...

One Bucket full of pleasure to read this story and great pics Marvin.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oooo I am glad she didn't fall through the ice. That would have been a terrible shock.

Luna has learned the hard way that you shouldn't trust ice. Even just puddles she jumps over rather than crashing through the ice or slip sliding around.

Marvin why don't you do a meme like I did for Luna about Bucket and or your other dog. Sorry I can't remember its name. You are so clever I am sure Bucket is too. :)

Marvin said...

Note: In the photos, it looks as if Bucket is standing on a small section of ice surrounded by open water. This is not the case. The rippled area is ice too. The entire pond surface was covered with ice and I could stand on the ice around the edges without it even cracking. Bucket wasn't going to fall through.

smilnsigh said...

Well of course it's up to the human to fix it!!!!!!! >,-)


Anonymous said...

Is Bucket part Border collie?

Marvin said...

Bucket is supposed to be mostly Australian Shepherd, but who really knows?

Lana Gramlich said...

I love these pictures! You can so clearly see her thinking, "Huh?"

lisa said...

Heh...I had a yellow lab that would carry big chunks of broken ice around in her mouth. Dogs are so funny. What do the dogs think about the armadillos? (I'm reading posts backward to catch up.)

Marvin said...

Dillers are mostly nocturnal and the dogs are inside the house at night. I don't think Bucket has ever seen one. Rusty chased one once when we went out in the evening. The diller ducked under the electric fence around our garden. Rusty didn't duck and got zapped. He now has a healthy respect for the powers of armadillos.