Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday Walk

Tuesday morning we woke up to a thin layer of ice covering everything that was up off the ground. Overnight we'd experienced a series of small thundershowers that dropped about an inch and a half of rain. There was some thunder and lightning, but nothing severe. Sometime during the early morning, the temperature dropped below freezing.

Monday was overcast and damp with a gusty south wind blowing, our typical weather prior to the arrival of a new cold front.

The attached photos were taken on our walk on Sunday, a beautiful day that was great for being outside.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are lucky you didn't get our wintery mix last night. I hope you don't get it tonight. It was trecherous out there today. Not a day for walking here.

Willard said...

I really like those scenic shots, and the shots of the wasps and commentary on them is superb.

Tom Arbour said...

Beautiful scenery, quite different from our snow here in Ohio!

Q said...

Hi Marvin,
Glad the ice did not stay around very long. The sleet and snow went around me. I think Lisa is getting a good layer of snow on top of her ice today.
February can be so bitterly cold and we have had may ice storms this time of year.
I enjoyed the wasp photos and all the information. I do have a good bug guide, Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America. It covers lots but never all. I agree the digital camera and the internet has brought an awareness of the diversity of the insect world. Not only are people aware but they are learning how important bugs are. I hope people will stop killing them. Inside we do a catch and release program if a bug is bothering us.
I love bugs!

Lana Gramlich said...

How very awesome. I do miss hills & such. Not much of them where the land is sinking into the sea...
Heck of a storm blew through our area this afternoon. We were spared the tornadoes that hit other nearby areas, but I did get some pix of hail.

Marvin said...

Lisa: We did just get a little taste of the wintry mix this time around. However, we have two days of freezing rain in our forecast beginning Thursday night. I reckon I will go to town Wednesday and stock up.


Thanks, Willard and Tom. I appreciate your visits.


Sherry: I admire your catch and release policy. With us, it kind of depends upon the insect. Not all the imported lady bugs make it back outside. It was during a catch and release operation that Jo learned assassin bugs can inflict a painful bite.

BTW: The author/editor of the Kaufman insect field guide is one of the principal volunteer experts on BugGuide.


Lana: I "missed" the hills and trees long before Jo and I found our place among them. I'm very glad to hear the tornadoes didn't form in your immediate area.

Tom said...

We are still having warm sunshine and bright blue skies... I fear what nature might just have up her sleeve for later in the year.