Friday, July 18, 2008

Tersa Sphinx (Xylophanes tersa)

Tersa Sphinx (Xylophanes tersa)

From BugGuide:

     *  Range:  Eastern, central, southwestern North America: Massachussetts, Ontario, to Florida, west to midwest, southwest, south through Mexico. Resident year-round in southern states and migrates north in warmer months.

    * Season:  May-October (1 brood) in much of range, February-November (several broods) in Florida, Louisiana.

    * Food:  Adults take nectar from deep-throated flowers.

    * Life Cycle:  Larvae feed on Madder Family, Rubiaceae, including Smooth buttonplant (Spermacoce glabra), starclusters (Pentas species), Borreria, Manettia; and Bignoniaceae: Catalpa.

See also:  Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Louise said...

I think it looks like a space ship--with a catfish face. Very sleek.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like a real bug.. cool!

laughingwolf said...

amazing, look a bit like bats :)

Mungo said...

Wow! That's the most amazing moth I've ever seen. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the photos you take - thanks!


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

That's very different! I've never seen one before. You're so good at finding these interesting things and your pictures are always terrific.

Lana Gramlich said...

Now THAT is one, strange critter! Almost looks like some kind of seed pod fell to the ground & broke apart...

Tom said...

Over the long nights and dark days of this coming winter I will be spending many hours here going over all your posts... Your bug pictures are th best.. now thats eacy to say I suppose, but the amount of time I have spent looking at bug since you aroused my interest I have seen many.. on bug guide and elsewhere.. so I can say that with confidence. ?Yours i one of my ffavourite blogs to learn from.

smilnsigh said...

Tersa Sphinx is quite the pretty moth. Not fancy colors but very soft and aerodynamic looking. Love the first pic best.

Whatever Blogger decrees, one must abide by! 'Tis the Law! ,-) But this entry looks fine, really.

Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces

Tom Arbour said...


This moth has an art-deco quality to it. Fascinating indeed.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful stream-lined bug.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh reminds me of an airplane! What a NEAT looking bug!

Anonymous said...

This has go to be the most elegant moth I have ever seen. Along the lines of Cedar Waxwings.