Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bright Orange Dot

Another good title for this post would be "Why Dogs Don't Make Good Photographic Assistants". Although I took this photo when I was still about fifteen feet away, I know it's a Gulf Fritillary butterfly. I did get a closer look without my camera and , besides, my identification guidebook says "there is no mistaking this butterfly for any other." (I love it when ID guides make statements like that.)

When I first saw this bright and beautiful butterfly out in the garden, I just watched for a while. I figured trying to get into the house and get my camera would be pointless. The butterfly would be gone when I returned. However, when the butterfly just kept hanging around, I decided to try taking a photograph. I got the camera and headed back out into the garden. Bucket decided she just had to come and greet me and, of course, she chose to come running down the aisle where the Gulf Fritillary was alit. When the butterfly flew, I figured that was the end of that. However, the butterfly returned to the same spot a few minutes later. I picked up my camera to try again, but only got off this distance shot before Rusty decided to blunder down this particular aisle. This time the Gulf Fritillary did not return.