Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, 10/17/07

Not a good day for getting anything done outside, so I stayed inside and worked on catching up with some of my bookkeeping.

This morning we were in a cloud, with "fog" heavy enough that you might as well call it "mist". Conditions degraded to light rain during most of the afternoon, although we did get a heavier shower or two around six o'clock. The south wind has been building steadily. Thunderstorms were in our forecast, but they missed us. There was quite a bit of severe thunderstorm activity and even tornado warnings north of us in Missouri.

Obviously, we are on the verge of getting another cold front. It's supposed to slowly seep its way into our area on Thursday. It isn't much of a cold front and is only forecast to drop out low temperatures into the lower fifties Thursday night, and on down into the upper forties Friday night. Our high temperatures are still supposed to climb into the upper seventies or lower eighties during the day, though.