Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Little Bit Of Snow

Okay, all of you fine readers from the frozen north can go ahead and chuckle, but I just couldn't resist posting a few photos of the Great Non-Blizzard that hit the Ozarks on January 31st. A mixture of sleet, rain and/or snow fell most of the day on Thursday, but our temperature remained slightly above freezing. During the evening, the temperature finally dipped below freezing and we received a little more snow, enough to at least last over night. I've been saying that we had at least 3/4" in some of the deeper drifts, but it actually may have been a little bit more snow than that -- maybe 3/4" total.

Friday was sunny and the temperature made it up into the lower fifties so there's very little of the snow left. Thanks to Jo and the dogs for getting out and taking these photos early Friday morning.

The road heading down to our house.

Ice covered St. John's Wort seed pod.

Snowy, icy pine needles.

Weeds covered with ice beads.

Bamboo weighted down with enough snow and ice to lean over into the creek.

Another ice encrusted weed (with a "sparkle" that looks more like a dead cluster of dead pixels).


KOSTAS said...

I am glad that I even see this little snow, we here we want snow and rain, but have only sun and cold.
Very good the photographs, and the comment.

Anonymous said...

We had a similar non-event, Marvin. My wife and I were terrified when we went to bed on Thursday and woke up to my Sergeant's Crabapple covering of ice that reminded me of ice cubs, but after that it rained now and then and ended up covered in sunshine. The forecasters here are almost always dead wrong because we are blessed or cursed with our location. A mile or two north of us is the division line. The weather on either side of that old US Route 40 line is dramatically different.

I like your photos and your snow and am glad you got what we missed.

Nessa said...

You need a horse and sled.

Day4plus said...

I love the snow pics. Out here we don't get snow very often either. Up in the mountains there is TOO much and on the coast, none. We live at the snow line and get dribbles. As for the weather person--pish and tush! MB
I am posting under another blog name but please visit me again at my small city blog---or anyone for that fact. MB

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We had about the same amounts Marvin. The weathermen got all riled up and were predicting 3-9" around here. When they do that I don't worry too much. It might be all their hot air that keeps the storms at bay.

Those icy pictures really wlooked cold when I enlarged them. Good shots JO.

Lana Gramlich said...

Sorry I haven't been around--mundania sometimes intrudes on blogging! I love the shot of the weeds with the ice beads. Makes me think of fairy jewelry. We got rain--lots of it.
I don't consider armadillos a pest, probably because they haven't been a pest to ME yet & I was fortunate to have one pose for me a while back. Now squirrels are ANOTHER matter altogether. *grumble grumble*

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Glad you had just enough to make it pretty!
We were threatened with snow (a "warning") but actually had less than you--ours fell as rain for most of the day.

Anonymous said...

Glad everything turned out alright and the snow is something everyone should encounter! I didn't chuckle, I promise! Although, we had some of that freezing rain also, ugg, that isn't fun!

imac said...

Great set of photos there.

Visit me and see the Unusual!!

smilnsigh said...

"Okay, all of you fine readers from the frozen north can go ahead and chuckle,..."

-chuckle- See, I do as you request.


smilnsigh said...

But nice photos, really.


Unknown said...

These photos are really nice! I love that weeds one - the composition is great, with all those "leading lines".

Thanks for dropping around at my blog and commenting, I hope I'll see you again soon! :) You've got a great blog here too - I love the clean theme, and your photos. Top work!


David Webb: Nature Photographer

Alpicks Treasures said...

Hi Marvin, Those are some nice picture of the snow. It looks like you got abit of snow? well just stopping by to say hi

Andree said...

Beautiful! You took advantage of the snow. You have better photos of it than I can ever get and I live with it six months of the year! I admire your knowledge of the plants during the different seasons. I'm such a novice!

Mary said...

I chuckled about your 3/4" snow drifts! LOL! We had 1/2" drifts a few weeks ago.

I'm glad that Jo headed out to capture such pretty photos of the ice and drifts. Thank her please?

Q said...

Dear Marvin.
Lovely snow photos. I also am glad Jo went forth and took photos. She has the artist eye as well!
The storm was a non-event here as well. I would rather be prepared than caught off guard.

Kerri Farley said...

Lovely shot! I especially like the 2nd one...the seed pod!