Thursday, March 06, 2008

March Snow

Heading down the slope on our afternoon walk.

Our high temperatures over the past weekend were pushing seventy degrees (21º C). Monday it rained all day, dropping a total of 3.5". Early Tuesday morning we had a couple of hours of sleet followed by 2-3" inches of snow. By early afternoon on Tuesday, the sun was shinning and the temp was up near fifty degrees (10º C). With sunshine on top and warm, wet ground on bottom, the snow was melting fast.

More snow and cold temperatures are in our forecast for Thursday night and Friday. Getting our worst winter weather in March seem kind of strange.

Lots of deer tracks in the snow.




Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good to see you back Marvin. I love the pine cone picture with the snow glistening all around it.

Anonymous said...

I think we got what you got but we got a lot of frozen rain that stuck to everything and caused major power outages. It is still on the trees and power lines but may melt off today. I like your photographs but don't care for the snow. I am anxious for spring or at least warmer weather.

Tom said...

Nice to see you back up and posting... you have been missed.;o)

That bottom picture is stunning.. fantastic capture for sure.

imac said...

Looks cold but a nice brisk walk soon gets the blood warm.It helps to when you get some great shots too.

imac said...

Looks cold but a nice brisk walk soon gets the blood warm.It helps to when you get some great shots too.

Mary said...


I'm glad you're back. Computer woes hit us all at different times...sigh.

While Spring is showing here, you are at the end of winter. Your view and photos are wonderful.

I've lived farther north and remember the worst blizzards happening in February and mid-March. Then, it's over.


Tom Arbour said...


Welcome back to the blogosphere, the pictures of this March snow is beautiful, we are going to get it here tomorrow and Saturday!


Anonymous said...

been wondering about you and how you computer has been doing! Glad you are back and this weather has been crazy! Freezing rain one day . . Sunny the next . . and snow storm the next!

Marvin said...

Lisa: Thanks. It's good to be back -- and I hope I can keep it that way.

Abraham: I agree. Snow may be a pain, but it's much better than ice.

Tom W.: With the time spent working on my computer, at least I felt as if I was accomplishing something. Not being able to post or even comment because my connection kept flaking out was pure frustration.

Imac: Right you are. The secret is to keep moving.

Mary: It seems that the snow in these photos was a mere taste of what March has to offer.

Tom: I hope you don't get so much snow that it interferes with your upcoming southern migration.

Mon@rch: This particular March certainly seems to be coming in like a lion.

smilnsigh said...

Lovely photos. It just looks like a nice snow and the weather looks warm-ish. Not the kind of snow that will stick around. As you said.