Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stiletto Fly (Ozodiceromyia sp)

Stiletto Fly (Ozodiceromyia sp)

The common name refers to the narrow, tapering abdomens of these relatively small flies. (This one was a little less than a half inch long.) Family Therevidae.

Habitat: Usually found in open areas and often seen resting on foliage or flowers in the sun. (This particular specimen was found resting on a shelf in our booth on the courthouse lawn in Tupelo, MS.)

ID Notes: Usually gray flies with moderately tapering abdomens. Five posterior cells with the fourth sometimes closed. Somewhat elongated 3rd antennal segment. Similar to robber flies, but without the beard. Stiletto flies also have more slender legs and no depression between the eyes.

Thanks to Martin Hauser at BugGuide for the ID.



Tom Arbour said...

Very fascinating Marvin. I'd never think that a bug could have the same name as a type of women's shoe. I now want to see the pump fly, the flat fly, and, well, I'm sure there are some other types of women's shoes out there that we could use for insects as well.


Tom said...

Great informative post Marvin.

Texas Travelers said...

Learned something new here today.