Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Assassin Bug Nymph

An assassin bug nymph. Plant sucking bugs have straight beaks. Bug sucking bugs have curved beaks.

This little critter is not earning his keep. Those bare stems it's climbing around on should be covered with black walnut leaves, except the leaves on this branch have been stripped by Walnut Caterpillar Moth caterpillars (Datana integerrima).

Now the little assassin bug nymph is hard at work reducing the Walnut Caterpillar Moth caterpillar population.



Anonymous said...

Hi Marvin,

The bees are back in Brookville, Ohio. I hope for the rest of the year at least. I even got one on my Better Blog Writing post today. LOL

I see you found more adorable bugs to photograph. And thanks for all the help on the flower. I am letting the thing grow to see what happens.

I also got a slew of what I think is wild strawberries the birds plant everywhere. They are coming on ripe with almost no taste of strawberries but they sure look good and are filled with seeds. I guess, without asking for more help, that they are OK to let go as long as they don't take over.

—Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

AphotoAday said...

How interesting about straight beaks and curved beaks.
Never realized that some bugs are vegetarians and some are not...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The nymph in the first photo almost looks soft and furry. Not something I would want to pet though.

Great pictures.

smilnsigh said...

Oh my... Now I have learned which kind of beaks, different kinds of sucking bugs have. But! Did I really want to know? -sigh-

And did I really want to see the curved beak guy, doing such a marvelous job, with it? -sigh-

Well, one thing for sure, I many not want dessert now. But I made your day, by this comment! >,-))))


photo stock said...
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Kevin Heads said...

Another fantastic capture. That camera you have produces some great shots Marvin. Thanks for visiting my blog I'm new to this so any visits are welcome Take Care Kev

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent post .. great pictures and great info... that nymph looks a beast.

Bevson said...

I didn't know about the beak thing. Interesting. I am not a bug lover but I do not stand on a kitchen chair shrieking at spiders either. I guess I am ambivalent. I like looking at them on your site though. Good job!

Louise said...

I love this! I never like caterpillar-type things, so I like to watch other things eat them. I've had a difficult time getting good pictures of it, however. (Everything I find is all green on green leaves.)