Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wheel Bug (Arilus cristatus)

Wheel Bug (Arilus cristatus)
This largest species of assassin bug can be found throughout most of North America.  The "wheel" on the adult insect's back is unmistakable (see photo below). Immature nymphs are mostly red. Adults are grey to brown.  Mature adults grow up to a bit over an inch long (25mm).  All life stages prey on a variety of insects.  Like all assassin bugs, wheel bugs can deliver a painful bite.
BugGuide has an excellent series of photos showing the wheel bug's lifecycle from egg to adult.




Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love these up close and personal looks at the bugs we can find in our gardens. I especially like not getting all sweaty and bitten while studying the intricate patterns and colors on these bugs. I have been drawing a few of them. I now know where the people that make up science fiction characters get their inspiration.

laughingwolf said...

where's my spider gang when i need it?

great pics, marvin....

smilnsigh said...

Wheel Bug... I thought this was going to be, whatever kills grass... Leaving just round {wheel-like} yellow spots in the lawn.

Nope... This guy isn't under the ground.

Miss Mari-Nanci

Louise said...

That's one scary bug!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

These are terrific pictures! Great detail of an interesting looking creature. Thank you for stopping by my blog when I was sick. I'm very far behind on visiting blogs, so it is taking me some time to catch up. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I was bitten by one of these lil vampire bugs and got a bad case of cellulitus and sick for a week or so watch out