Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zebra Conchylodes Moth (Conchylodes ovulalis)

Zebra Conchylodes Moth 
(Conchylodes ovulalis)

Identification: Wings white with violet sheen; forewing marked with six blackish-brown lines (in a zebra-like pattern) and prominent hollow reniform spot.

Wingspan: 23-30 mm (around an inch).

Range: Pennsylvania to Florida, west to Arizona, south into neotropics.

Habitat: Deciduous and other forests.

Food: Larvae feed on Asteraceae.

ID Sources:
Moths of Maryland
Dallas Butterflies
BugGuide Species Page



Deb said...

"west to Arizona" Dang. I never saw one. Gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

What a great looking moth.

gwendolen said...

Oh cool, a zebra moth. What a beauty Marvin.

Shelly Cox said...

Pretty little moths, I've seen a few of these in our area, usually at the porch light.

Dave said...

I've seen them, but I've never really looked at one before. Thanks for forcing me to do that. A striking insect.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

WOW this moth is appropriately named as it looks like it has Zebra stripes. Cool photo.

Hugh Griffith said...

This is a spectacular bug. Why aren't such things shown on local TV news every night, along with relevant (intelligent) information about them?

Beautiful. Thanks.

Diane AZ said...

Wow, I've never seen a moth like that! Beautiful violet sheen AND zebra stripes, unbelievable.

Birdy Official said...

This zebra moth shows that moths are not less beautiful then butterflies.

Pat - Arkansas said...