Friday, April 22, 2011

Garden 2011: Mid-April Recap

Strawberries are in full bloom.  (4/13/11)

Datura (jimson weed) is coming up from roots.  It's surrounded by garlic chives shoots which have since been pulled -- for all the good that did.  Garlic chives is very invasive.  It spreads by multiplying bulbs underground and abundant seeds.  It's requires a constant effort to keep it from taking over the bed.  (4/16/11)

It's about time to remove the cloches covering the broccoli, cauliflower and Chinese cabbage, especially since the plants are trying to grow out the tops of the plastic jugs.  (4/16/11)

We've been enjoying fresh asparagus for a couple of weeks or so.  We totally replanted the asparagus bed last year.  This year's harvest is modest.  (4/16/11)

I'm beginning to mulch the broccoli bed while the plants are still protected by cloches.  (Note:  The plastic jugs have since been removed.)  (4/13/11)

It's about time to remove the wire covering our garlic before the plants grow up through the wire.  We plant garlic in the fall.  The plants come up and then go dormant over winter.  Once spring arrives, they take off growing again.  Neither deer nor rabbits eat the garlic, but we cover it with wire over winter to make certain an armadillo doesn't come through and till the bed for us.  (4/13/11)

Our potato plants are poking up through the mulch.  I cover them with a layer of fresh mulch when they do.  (4/16/11)



gwen said...

Yum. I'm so curious how all your veggies must taste. Must be terrific.

Say hi to the armadillo if you see him :)

TexWisGirl said...

yum. fresh asparagus sounds really good!

garlic chives - are they like the 'ramps' i keep hearing/reading out in W Va?

RedPat said...

Wow you are so far ahead of our growing season. All I have up are chives!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I get our asparagus from a local farm. They just started picking last week. YUMMMMM

Rebecca said...

Between garlic chives and wild onions, I'm constantly trying in vane to remove these invasive plants/weeds. I wondered why you had your garlic covered, fortunately we only have an occasional armadillo to contend with... Fresh asparagus sounds wonderful!

Rambling Woods said...

Wow..and we have still had snow showers here near Buffalo NY..but I am excited that the plants that my husband and I planted are slowing coming up...maybe we did it right. LOL... Michelle