Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pet Mail

(Pronounced "Boo-kay")

She's named for Hyacinthe Bucket, the main character on the BBC comedy Keeping Up Appearances.

Back in October we did an art fair in Sequiota Park in Springfield, MO. Usually we must board our two dogs when we travel, but were able to take them to this show. A couple of weeks after returning home, we received Bucket's ID tag in the mail. We hadn't even missed it yet. A woman found it in the park. In the accompanying note, the lady expressed some concern about Bucket's welfare, hoping that she hadn't gotten lost.

Jo printed a thank you note. Bucket's photo was on the front and the message inside was worded as if it came from Bucket herself. Bucket thanked the woman for returning the tag and assured the lady that she was okay and hadn't gotten lost. Bucket said she'd been a good dog and remained on her leash at all times in the park. It was just her tag that had fallen off her collar.

We assumed this cute reply would be the end to our correspondence with the thoughtful lady in Springfield – until today when Bucket received a holiday card and accompanying photo from two dogs and a cat, Abby, Spanky and Figment, residing in Springfield. Our other dog, Rusty, is pouting because he didn't receive any mail.

Bits and Pieces from Friday, 12/14/07:

I got a little more firewood cut. My neighbor's son was also in the woods loading some of the wood his dad cut a couple weeks back. It's amazing how having snow in the forecast motivates procrastinators.

The squirrels breached the baffles on the birdfeeders in less than 24 hours. Jo is observing how the squirrels access the feeders before making alterations.

Today varied from mostly to partly cloudy before becoming completely overcast late in the afternoon. Rain began around 8 PM. Our forecast called for the temperature to drop below freezing overnight, but fortunately, that didn't happen. No freezing rain, just 2.25” of the liquid variety.

Temperature range: 49/36.



Ron said...

I do love Hyacinthe Bucket. What a terrific actress. She makes you just grind your teeth... :)

Glad your weather is holding up. Not too bad here, just a bit of snow on top of a bit of ice... we don't have anywhere we need to go.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Bucket is a beautiful dog. Lucky dogs that get to go on a trip.

As to your squirrel dilemma. I heard a new remedy you might like to try since the squirrels got past the baffle. Someone told us they put a slinky on their pole below the baffle and "so far" it has deterred the squirrels. So if your squirrels are going up the pole maybe you could try this. A Slinky would be a cheap try.

We got a couple more inches of snow last night. I bet you will be glad you brought wood in if you got more snow like we did.

Anonymous said...

A little bit of weather folklore: Did you know if frogs make a noise at the time of cold rain, warm dry weather will follow.

Lana Gramlich said...

Lovely story about the tag. :)

Marvin said...

Ron: Sometimes our Bucket can make you grind your teeth, too, but we love her.

Lisa @ Greenbow: Thanks for the slinky tip. I will try to remember it. At the present time, our baffle "failures" are resulting from more obvious causes. One feeder is located too close to a tree and squirrels can simply jump onto it. Another feeder is on the same pole as a cornmeal/lard feeder, which is simply a section of log into which I bored holes. The squirrels can just straight up and grab the bottom of the log.

We will make modifications and prepare for round two in "Squirrel Wars".

Anonymous: I'll have to try and remember that bit of weather lore, but I haven't heard a frog in a while. They are well buried in the mud, I think.

Lana: Thanks. I try to remember stories like this when I feel that I'm slipping too deeply into cynicism.

Unknown said...

Marvin: It is good to hear that Bucket is doing well. I hope she want lose her tag again.

Email me when you can. I need a few jokes here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Jo.


Q said...

Hi Marvin,
Hyacinthe Bucket is funny!
Your Bucket is a fine looking dog. I enjoyed your tag story very much.
Glad to know you received only rain. Ice is very difficult on man, beast and trees.

Marvin said...

David: Thanks. You have a great holiday season too.

Sherry: Exactly. It did not hurt my feelings when we were not included in the ice storm.

lisa said...

Very cool that Bucket has some pen pals! I sure hope you win the squirrel war, it is a victory to be savored! (As long as each one lasts, that is! ;-)

Marvin said...

Lisa: Me thinks squirrels are a superior form of intelligence. Since we cannot keep them out of our feeders, I'm working on a spring-loaded feeding tray that will catapult the little buggers into the next county.