Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday Sunshine

Our "driveway" bathed in glorious sunshine. In honor of this special event, I decided to cut some more firewood. Jo's main project for the day was fabricating some squirrel guards for our birdfeeders.

Squirrels are always something of a problem, but this year seems especially bad. I reckon that's because the squirrels don't have their normal supply of acorns, honey locust pods, etc. Last spring's late freeze killed the blooms on most of our trees.

The funnel-shaped guards Jo made look kind of tacky, but seem to be doing the job so far. However, engaging in a test of wits against the squirrels makes one feel like Wiley Coyote trying to outsmart the Roadrunner. I would be very surprised if the squirrels don't find a way to circumvent the guards.

After Jo finished with the guards, she and the dogs walked up to where I was working and helped load firewood. Jo was much more help than the dogs were.

Biologists with the Arkansas Department of Game and Fish are saying that deer and wild turkeys are already beginning to alter their feeding habits due to a lack of mast. The animals are spending more time feeding in open field and food plots. However, these biologist also say that there should not be any serious increase in mortality because the deer and turkeys have enough other sources of food -- assuming we don't have a prolonged period of bad winter weather, that is.

Weather: High = 57. Low = 31. Sunny skies with a light north wind.


lisa said...

I have had very good luck with those cone-shaped baffles myself, though mine came from a store and not creativity. The only time they get around them is if the snow is deep enough for them to jump from the ground, or if the feeder itself is close to a jumping-off point, like a tree or the house. Good luck!

Marvin said...

Lisa: The squirrels breached the baffles in less that 24 hours. One baffle may have been too close to the ground. The other birdfeeder may be too close to a tree and attainable via a flying leap. We will observe the squirrel's methods of access and make modifications accordingly. This project could keep us busy throughout the winter.

Lana Gramlich said...

I wouldn't mind sharing w/squirrels if they weren't completely gluttonous, but they call up all of their friends to come out for lunch at the Lana Buffet. <:(
Love your driveway, btw. Looks like a road to nowhere, just like I like it. :)

Marvin said...

Lana: Yes the squirrels do tend to turn access to the birdfeeders into community feast that don't stop until the feeders are empty.

Our "driveway" is technically a county road, though one must call the county judge and remind him of this whenever it needs maintenance. It's 3/4 mile to our nearest neighbor and l 1/2 miles to the main county road and our mailbox.

Lana Gramlich said...

Now that's living!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't it funny that dogs always seem to have their own agenda and rarely help out with the chores. Sometimes even getting in the way of someone trying to do chores becasue they want you to play with them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Picture of Arkansas scenery.

Marvin said...

Lisa @ Greenbow: Saying that dogs "have their own agenda" is something of an understatement, I think. :-)

What's amazing is how quickly they can learn something new if the new activity is something they enjoy. Twice we took them to "help" with the firewood. By day three, they expected to go. It had become a part of their daily routine. Never mind that it was raining on the third day.

Of course, no matter how much I complain about our dogs, I'd never want to be without them.

Cathy: Thank you. It looks so much better in the sunshine, I think.