Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow Plow

Bucket in the snow. (3/7/08)

Our recent snow was the most either of our dogs has ever seen -- or tried to move around in. Rusty's solution the the mobility problem was to proceed in leaps and bounds. He resembled a large, short-eared rabbit as he made his way through the snow. Unfortunately, I just wasn't able to capture his antics with pixels.

Bucket tried the hopping technique, but her legs are shorter. Bounding through the snow required too much effort. She eventually settled upon just plowing her way through.

Rusty soon discovered that walking behind everyone else was the best solution, but Bucket wasn't about to abandon her position in the lead.



Mary said...


Did bucket collect snowballs on her fur?

Our dogs are so small we used to shovel walkways for them or use the snowblower to make roads throughout the back during heavy snows.

Some dogs gotta be FIRST! LOL!


Lana Gramlich said...

The husky I used to have was the only thing that made sn*w bearable. He lost his MIND when it sn*wed. It was hysterical. And boy, was he ever built to pull!
Geeze...I miss him...

imac said...

Goodjob Rusty is black.lol.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Bucket needs some longer legs. Somebody has to be leader of the pack. It is good you have your own snow plow.

Anonymous said...

As a kid, we use to have a dog that I needed to snowplow a path for our dog! It is tough for sure!

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed this yesterday.

A nice photograph of a dog who loves the snow at least for a while.

smilnsigh said...

Plowing through. Good for Bucket!!!

Marvin said...

Mary: Both dogs do a good job of collecting snow/ice -- and then try to pull it off as if it were a burr when we come back inside.

"Some dogs gotta be FIRST!" That's Bucket for sure.

Lana: Huskies and the unmentionable white stuff kind of go together, I'd think. I'm sure you miss him, even if you don't miss the sn*w.

imac: At least you don't have to worry about losing a black dog in the snow.

Lisa: Bucket is definitely our self-appointed leader. She has to be frequently reminded that Jo and I are actually in charge. (Yeah, right.)

Tom: When we first moved to snow country, we had a three-legged rat terrier. He hated the snow.

Abraham: The sudden appearance of snow has to seem a little strange to a dog. Bucket just charged right in while Rusty approached the snow cautiously at first. That's the difference in their personalities.

Mari-Nanci: ;-)