Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Soggy But Okay

The little creek out back isn't back to normal, but quite a bit less water is moving through than this time yesterday. Actually, the water level fluctuated considerably during the day, depending upon how hard it was raining at the time. That little wet-weather creek drains a relatively small area so there isn't any danger of a wall of water roaring down the hillside. However, the area it drains is steep, so it responds quickly to changes in rainfall amounts. (I reckon all the leaves I complained about in an earlier post have gotten flushed out of the creek bed.)

Since this rainfall event began Monday evening, we've received a total of 10.4" (26 cm) of rain. More rain is in the forecast for today, but sunshine is promised for Thursday. The cold front that triggered all this rainfall has finally move through. Yesterday it was 58º (14ºC) and today it's only 38º (3ºC). Despite all the rain we received, the storms that brought the rain were relatively mild. There was little severe weather and only a couple of tornado warning in the state Monday evening.

Jo and I live up in the hills near the top of a ridge so there really isn't much chance of flooding. It's the towns down in the valleys -- often built along streams and rivers -- where rising water can be a problem. The only problem up here is flash flooding if you're out and trying to drive around. There are few bridges on the county roads and almost all creeks and streams are forded via low-water crossings. People anxious to get home (or someplace) forget you cannot drive through high, rushing water. It doesn't matter how many drive wheels you have. And, it's very difficult to judge exactly how high the water is until you drive off into it.

I hope all the folks to our north and east who received this weather system after it passed through our area are fairing as well as Jo and I. Right now, I just want the rain to stop so I can get outside and walk. I especially want to check out our road out. Hopefully, we won't need to have bulldozer work done before we can leave again.

(Note: Our telephone service survived all of Wednesday's rainfall, but our ISP drowned sometime during the day. They didn't get their servers bailed out until this morning.)



Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are OK. We are still getting rain here. I was up at 3:30 a.m. in PJs outside in rain unplugging my drain in back yard to get rid of the river there. It is better now this afternoon. Take care.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

imac said...

Great post, interesting reading.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You beat us in the rain accumulation. I am glad to hear that you are ok. That creek looks seriously angry. Take care.

Mary said...

Oh, my. That's too much rain and I'm glad you are OK. The storm is rushing through southern NC and has lost its punch.

Ron said...

Hey, Marvin. Glad you are ok. It sure has been raining hard. We are also very happy and fortunate to be living near the top of a broad ridge.


Lana Gramlich said...

Gads! So sorry about all the rain & flooding! Are you sure you're not in Southern Louisiana? *sympie hug*

Q said...

Dear Marvin and Jo,
I have been catching up this morning with you two!
My goodness you received lots of rain! Glad you are safe and sound.