Monday, June 09, 2008

New Bird at the Feeders

Jo wanted to add a visual element to her show birdfeeder display -- something that would get potential buyers thinking Birds when they saw her display of feeders. She thought of Woodstock, safely packed away since he was last prominently displayed in her college dorm room back around 1971. I'm not sure Woodstock clued anyone into the fact that those jugs with perches and drain holes were birdfeeders, but he did serves as a great conversation starter.

Art in the Park, Columbia, MO

Friday: Drove up to Columbia, MO, a seven hour trip from our place. It rained off and on for most of the trip. Spent around five hours getting the van unloaded and booths set up. The rain stopped shortly before we arrived. Returned to the motel hot, sweaty, tired and a little muddy around 9 PM. A fantastic day-long celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary, I'd say.

Saturday and Sunday: Hot, humid and windy, but the rain and storms stayed to our north. Sales were okay.

Monday: Drove home in the rain.

(Our last art fair until at least Labor Day Weekend.)



Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think it a great idea to have Woodstock poking out of one of the bird houses. He is such a good meeter and greeter. It is good to hear you had a good show. I was worried that the weather would not cooperate.

Congratualations on 35 years of marriage. Wow that is impressive especially since you still work and travel together. ha...

Tom said...

Jane will love this shot when shegets in..big fan of the snoppy gang.... I was more into Fat Fredies Cat.. :O)

I like the idea of those feeders.

Kerri Farley said...

I LOVE Woodstock! I am a huge Peanuts FAN! And Happy Anniversary!

A great idea about the jugs with perches to be bird feeders....EXCELLENT!

Shelley said...

Love woodstock - great idea!

Kathie Brown said...

Perhaps Jo is a sculptor at heart! Cute! BTW, we just celebrated our 31st! Congrats on 35! We are in a rare group having been married this long nowadays.

Q said...

Happy Anniversary!
My husband and I married in 1972.
We still walk together each evening.
Woodstock is great!
Glad your show went well. They are lots of work.

Dave @ Around Alaska said...

Woodstock looks like he's having fun. I have a ways to catch up. My 8th anniversary is next month. Happy 35th!

Lana Gramlich said...

*LOL @ Woodstock!* Sorry about the rains, but glad your sales were okay! :)