Sunday, June 17, 2007

Green Beans

We can finally stop holding our breaths and start counting our green beans. For the first time in two years it looks as if we're going to get plenty of green beans to eat fresh and put into the freezer.

Saturday's first picking was light, but there will be a larger harvest in a couple of days. Then comes a couple of stay-up-half-the-night-snapping-beans harvests. These Contender bush beans do tend to get all their production done in a relatively short period of time.

In case you are wondering: "Yes" we did have fresh green beans with our supper. "No" it is not possible for Jo to pick beans without Rusty and Bucket "helping". And, "yes" Jo always wears longs white gloves when picking green beans.

Actually, those aren't gloves Jo is wearing; they're a pair of my old socks with holes cut in toes so Jo's fingers will stick through. Jo is allergic to the green bean plants. Wearing protection on her hands and arms plus washing thoroughly when finished picking is enough to keep her from breaking out in a rash and itching.

Bucket and Rusty are right proud of the green beans they picked.


becca said...

green beans and the dogs are beautiful. care to share the beans?

vanessa cardui said...

I just happened to choose "green beans" on your tag list and was rewarded with your photo of those sweet dogs. Beans are OK, but I love dogs.