Saturday, June 23, 2007

Indian Hemp

Indian-hemp (Apocynum cannabinum)

Other common names include Dogbane and Hemp Dogbane. Native to the U.S.

The strong, erect, purplish stem of Indian-hemp rises 3-4 ft., with branches ascending from the upper part. Long oval leaves often have a white coating or bloom as found on plums. Small cream-colored flowers are clustered at branch ends or on stalks from leaf axils. Tufted seeds form in spindle-shaped pods.

A. cannabinum is used as "Hemp", made from the twisted fibers of the plant.

Habitat - Open woods, pastures, waste ground, disturbed sites, wooded slopes, roadsides, railroads.

LBJ Wildflower Center
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Trudy said...

Good post.

Marvin said...

Thank you. Unfortunately, I didn't notice any Indian Hemp in the same location along the road this year.