Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday, 6/28/07

Butterflies: There are lots of butterflies around these days, just waiting to have their photos taken. Now...... If only all those little skippers and hairstreaks wore name tags so I could tell them apart and get them accurately identified.

Cucumbers: The first of the season are ready to harvest. Last year we didn't get a single cuke out of the garden, but that was my fault. The plants were up and doing well. Jo had put some fabric row cover on the squash to let them get a good start protected from the squash bugs. The squash did fine with the row cover over them until they began blooming. Then, the cover had to be removed so they could get pollinated. I asked her to put some fabric row cover over the cucumbers too. She did. The cukes baked to death in one day. Live and learn, I reckon -- and learn to live without cucumbers.

Corn: The corn is doing well inside its wire tunnel, safe and protected from the cottontails -- and I'm still keeping my figures crossed that the rabbits don't find a way into our makeshift enclosure.


Doug Taron said...

The hairstreaks are easy. They're coral hairstreaks (Harkenclenus titus. The skippers are a bit tougher, mainly because none of them are at a really good angle for ID. I'm pretty sure that they are Fiery Skippers (Hylephila phileus).