Sunday, December 09, 2007

Drip, Drip, Drip

Foggy/misty weather continues. NOAA says it will be several days before we see sunshine again. Oh, well, it could be worse. Our temperature could be below freezing instead of being in the forties and fifties.


Q said...

Hi Marvin,
Came by to see if your temperatures stayed above freezing.
Thank goodness you were not hit by the freezing rain. We received freezing mist. It was slippery but not too terrible. I am waiting on round two to hit this afternoon or evening. This time I might not be so lucky. Inside chores always pile up in the Autumn so I have plenty to do.
Stay dry.

Ron said...

Real nice photo, Marvin. We are also far enough south to just have some rain. The dogwoods had a little bit of ice on them this morning. It looked glorious but I'm sorry to admit that the house was too warm and comfortable to consider a trip outdoors to get the photos.

I'll just enjoy yours instead. :)


Marvin said...

Sherry: Thank you for your concern, but we did, indeed, remained well south of the freeze line. Monday started out in the mid-thirties, but the temp has gradually risen all day. Our high was 56º at midnight.

Unfortunately, every forecast I hear for up your direction sounds as if you're in for more of your least favorite kind of weather. You may get way too much opportunity to practice your "penguin walk" that you mentioned elsewhere. Be careful and stay safe.

Ron: Good to hear that the ice mostly missed y'all too. A friend who lives up near Columbia was without power for a large part of Sunday due to icing.

I hope we both stay lucky during the next wintry event that's headed our way.

(BTW: I had a covered porch to stand under while taking the photo. I and my camera stayed nice and dry.)

Tess said...

Hey Marvin. I'm also glad you didn't get that terrible ice storm. Stay warm and dry my friends.

Marvin said...

Thanks, Tess. Sunshine is in our forecast for Thursday (and only Thurday) with a wintry precipitation mix to follow this coming weekend. Care to change hemispheres?

Lana Gramlich said...

I think there's something wonderous about foggy weather, although I know where you're coming from. One winter in Canada I didn't see a single full moon. And winter clouds in the area don't get puffy & neat--it's just an even, overcast, bland grayyyy...

Marvin said...

Lana: " even, overcast, bland grayyyy..." certainly describes what we've been experiencing for the past several days. Fog can have a certain appeal, but I want to see the sun again. Heck, I'd settle for seeing the moon.