Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's That White Stuff?

Snow was not in the weather forecast for Wednesday, but it happened, starting around noon with a mixture of rain and snow and continuing until around six o'clock. For most of the afternoon, the snow had a difficult time accumulating considering our temperature was in the mid-thirties and the ground was a lot warmer. A final burst of snow after sunset left maybe an inch on surfaces up off the ground, less than that on grassy areas and virtually nothing on bare ground. I don't know if any of the snow will be left by Thursday morning since our temperature hasn't yet fallen below freezing. Building a snowman is not on my "To Do" list for Thursday.


Dave @ Around Alaska said...

Glad I could share the snow with you Marvin. :)

Mary said...

You probably don't know this but I miss snow terribly. I lived in MD until 2002 - then moved to DE. We had blizzards and regular snowfalls. Last February, here in NC, we had a snowfall! 1/2 inch that melted in two hours. The whole city shut down.

Marvin said...

Dave: You don't know how much I appreciate that magnanimous gesture on your part. ;-)

Mary: North Arkansas is about right for my snow tolerance index. It snows, but seldom enough that snow is "something different" to enjoy for a little while, then it melts and life returns to normal.

I'm sorry you miss your snow, but your friends and neighbors would probably never forgive you for wishing a blizzard down on North Carolina.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

That shot is exceptional!

Love the texture and the mood!

lisa said...

I don't think you could build a snowman in that wimpy snowfall if you wanted to, but you might draw one! Dave may have sent you some snow, but I'm hoarding mine all for myself-mwahahahaha! (Yea, I know you're not even slightly upset...just humor me, ok? ;-)

Marvin said...

Thanks, Todd.


Lisa: Words simply cannot convey how heartbroken I am that I'm not up to my -- ah, knees -- in snow. You have all the luck.