Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I should have bent lower when I ducked under the barbed wire.

Two days of sunshine have been replaced with overcast. Freezing fog is in our forecast for tonight. Oh, well, it is winter after all.



Dave @ Around Alaska said...

Lucky you didn't get a haircut also. We got about 8 inches of snow for the holiday and they are predicting more snow later today. Want to trade?

Unknown said...

You better go back and retrieve that hat the kind of weather you are having.

Marvin said...

Dave: Ha! We got our own snow, thank you very much -- though I didn't notice any one around here dragging skis out of deep storage.

Cathy: You can bet I went back and untangled my cap from the barbed wire. I've got to have something to keep my head warm since I no longer have enough hair up there to get the job done.

Mary said...

Glad that barbed wire snagged your hat and not your scalp! Brrrr. It's cold there.

Marvin said...

Mary: It was a little chilly, but the temps didn't drop below freezing as forecast.