Thursday, November 22, 2007

Doe Comes Visiting

A doe came down for a visit early Wednesday afternoon. Deer often cross an open area just up the hill from our house as they pass from one section of woods to another. We can watch them cross – and sometimes stop and graze – from our kitchen table.

For some reason this doe decided to come down the hill towards our house. Rusty and Bucket noticed the doe and barked until Jo quieted them down. The doe remained alert because of their barking from inside the house, but since she neither saw nor smelled any imminent threat remained just on the other side of the fence for several minutes

She eventually retreated up the hill to join a couple of her less bold companions that had remained standing at the edge of the clearing.



Mary said...

I'd fall off my kitchen chair if a doe came to visit. We live in a suburban neighborhood with a golf course - so, anything is possible.

Marvin said...

Anything is always possible. My sister lives on a golf course in a suburb (Planned Residential Community) north of San Antonio, TX. There they have an over-abundance of deer that have largely lost their fear of humans. In the wild, a doe will hide a young fawn in a thicket while she goes off to forage. Where my sister lives, it's not at all unusual to find a fawn "hidden" under a shrub or in a flower bed in your front yard.