Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday, 11/18/07

More clouds were around today, especially this afternoon. That kept today from getting quite as warm as yesterday, though the temperature still made it up into the mid-seventies. That's still mighty warm for mid-November -- warm enough that we didn't need a fire in the wood stove again this evening. That's fine with me. The less firewood we burn, the less I must cut, haul and split. The warmer temperatures are helping Jo out too. It usually cooler -- and often damp and drizzly -- this time of year. Those conditions make it difficult on a potter. It takes longer for her work to dry enough so she can continue working on a piece -- like trimming the bottom and, in some cases, adding a handle. Jo's been known to dry her thrown pieces inside and old refrigerator fitted with a light bulb, but that's a tricky process that demands more time and attention. If the work dries too fast, it may crack.



Anonymous said...

Cat thinks this simply a beautiful picture

Woody said...

I found your blog through Rulality this morning. Nice blog...I'll be back.


Marvin said...

Thanks for the visit, Woody. We've been through your county many times on the way to art fairs in St. Louis and beyond. We've often stopped to buy gas or take water tower photos, but haven't ever had the time to get very far off I-44.

Q said...

This is a beautiful photo!
Hope all is ready for the cold front.
Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving,

Ron said...

Marvin - very nice blog and photography. I like your garden photos and commentary. The temperatures sure have been warm!


Marvin said...

Sherry: We're as ready as we're going to get. This morning NOAA was talking snow and AccuWeather said ice, but they've both backed off to just rain now. We need the rain.

Ron: Thanks for the visit. It seems as if all that "warm" we've been enjoying is fixing to change.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!