Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pond on the Upper Pasture

The pond on our upper pasture. Like most ponds in this part of the county, it is low. The farther east one travels in the south, the worst the drought conditions become.

Fortunately, we have no livestock that depends upon our pond for drinking water. In fact, after twenty plus years of benign neglect, the area above our house can hardly be called a pasture anymore. When we first moved up to the Ozarks, we made a deal with our neighbor: He could use our pasture for his cows in return for keeping it brush hogged. Over the years, his brush hogging sessions have been few and far between, just often enough to make the blackberries, green brier and honey locust up there mad.

Bits and pieces over the past couple of days:

Jo made a trip to town on Monday. We hadn't bought groceries in a couple of weeks and were starting to run a little short on some items. It was actually my "turn" to have to go into town, but Jo didn't have much else to do except wait for her kiln to cool so that she could unload it. She made the run into town so I could stay home and get a few more spoons made.

Our weather is warming, the temperature is supposed to climb into the mid-sixties today. Tuesday was a beautiful, sunny fall day. The sun is also shinning brightly today, but a strong and gusty south wind is blowing.



Anonymous said...

Your pond certainly is pretty even if it is low. Arkansas is a beautiful state.

Dave @ Around Alaska said...

Cathy is right Marvin. You have a gorgeous place there. Your pix's are first class. What type of equipment do you use?

Marvin said...

Thanks for the kind words, Cathy and Dave.

The camera is an Olympus C8080WZ. I'm still very much of a beginning photographer and this is our first digital so I can't make any comparisons. That said, I like the camera and think it does a good job with landscapes and macros. However, it isn't an SLR and has a wide lens. If I want to get a good shot of something like a chickadee, the bird had better be sitting in my lap.

Dave @ Around Alaska said...

You're doing good for a beginer. Keep those pic's comming and spread some bird seed on your lap for those chickadee close ups.