Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little Snow in the Ozarks

Snow began around four o'clock on Sunday, 1/9/11.  Continued until around midnight.  Accumulation around two inches.  Was a dry, powdery snow.  All in all, with only our couple of inches of snow, we came out of this winter weather event in much better shape than most of the south that's to our east.

One of our wood racks with next winter's wood.

Stump I use for splitting wood.

Shed and walnut tree.




Jeannette StG said...

Nice snow pics! Good you have wood -at least you can keep your house warm:)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We are getting that snow this morning. It will be fun to see how much we actually get.

KaHolly said...

An arctic blast is moving through our area, but am too far south for snow. (I hope) I think it's colder here than in the NE. Keep warm! ~karen

Pat - Arkansas said...

We got a very light dusting of snow overnight -- just a trace. It was invisible on the original snowfall, and I wouldn't have noticed except for the evidence on top of my bird feeders. Still very cold, but the sun is shining this morning so I expect quite a bit of melt-off.

Marvin said...

Jeannette: We will, indeed, stay warm.

Lisa: You'll probably get more snow than we did, but I hope it's not too bad of a storm up your direction.

Karen: Hope you didn't get the severe weather that led this arctic blast.

Pat: We got a light dusting of something between snow and freezing drizzle Monday evening. Tuesday is sunny and clear, but our temperature isn't forecast to climb above freezing. There will be surface melting, compacting and then glazing back over tonight.