Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet Gum in the snow

The Sweet Gum tree, Liquidambar styraciflua, stands stately between our house and vegetable garden.  Today it is collecting snow,  the songbirds lite in it on their way to and from the feeders.  There is a Cardinal in the lower left hand corner.  (Guest post from Jo Smith.)

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I should do this. I have several trees I watch. Now would be a good time to watch. Sweet Gum is a good tree to have around. Always something exciting going on with it.

gwen said...

Trying to spot the Cardinal. Perhaps I need glasses.
(Nah, I know I do)

Pat - Arkansas said...

Nice photo, Jo. It's snowing about the same down here in Little Rock. Only sticking on ground and plants; streets are still clear.

Unknown said...

Looks like deep hibernation for the Gum tree :)
Lovely shot - I'm getting cold just looking at it :D

Doesn't look like the tree provides much cover for the birds?

Marvin said...

Lisa: I'm looking forward to your tree posts. :-)

Gwen: I actually saw the Cardinal in the original photo. In smaller versions, it could be easily mistaken for a couple of errant pixels.

Pat: We ended up with a couple of inches of the white stuff. Now, we're into the waiting-for-melt mode again.

Nicole: It's true. Hardwoods provide now winter shelter, but we also have evergreens (pines and cedars).

Christine said...

Very pretty shot. I love bare trees in snow.