Monday, July 02, 2007

Friday, 6/29/07

Rabbit: After three attempt, I finally succeeded in herding this cottontail under the electric fence (which is off) and out of our garden.

Trip Into Town: I made a trip into town today. That's not among my favorite things to do, but we needed groceries -- and it was my turn. Going into town is not Jo's favorite thing to do either. I made a few other routine stops in addition to buying groceries, including filling the van's gas tank. Gasoline is down to $2.89 per gallon.

Rain: I drove through a brief, but heavy, shower just outside of town. I expected it to be just an isolated shower, but the pavement was wet -- and steaming -- all the way out to the house. At home, we'd received just enough rain to get everything good and wet. I thought things might dry off enough for me to mow and/or work in the garden, but then we received another shower, bringing our rainfall total to only .1" but discouraging work outside in the wet grass.

Didn't Happen: The momentous event that did not happen today was that I did not rush out and buy an iPhone.


Cat said...

That is a cute rabbit