Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday, 7/1/07

Tomatoes: The tomatoes seem to appreciate the rain we've been receiving, though I'm beginning to worry about them contracting some kind of fungal disease.

Overcast Day: Very strange weather for the first of July. Our overcast skies made it seem more like fall, and while the temperature was warmer than it would be in the autumn, it still never climbed out of the seventies. A temperature at least in the low nineties would be more typical for July 1st.

Still No Telephone: Our telephone remained out all day. I made a trip to the neighbors to make certain it wasn't just us without phone service. It wasn't. It has been reported. I reckon the phone company will get around to repairing the problem tomorrow. I don't really miss the telephone; I do my best to avoid using the phone, but I do miss not being able to get on the Internet. Oh, well, I got a lot of computer housekeeping and bookkeeping done instead.

No Work Outside: Late this afternoon I decided that since it hadn't rained for several hours, I could probably at least get a little mowing done. Jo was going to take advantage of the cooler temperature by "garbing up" and going up on the pasture to pick blackberries. But...... It rained -- no thunder and lightning or heavy downpour, just enough rainfall to get everything good and wet again. We recorded another half inch of rain in our rain gauge over the past 24 hours.


cat said...

Never seen such big tomato plants.
They are beautiful