Monday, July 02, 2007

Saturday, 6/30/07

Mushrooms: Wet summer weather has produced an abundance of mushrooms. This one was shining so brightly that from a distance I thought it must surely be some sort of plastic litter along the roadside.

No Phoebes: We're not going to have a second brood of phoebes from the nest on the porch. A black snake feasted on the chicks overnight. I would have intervened in the couse of nature had I noticed the snake soon enough, but by the time I saw it in the nest, the chicks had already been consumed. This isn't the first time a black snake has raided a nest on the porch. Those snakes must have an amazing sense of smell for it to have even known the nest was there.

Limited Work Outside: I got in a little -- very little -- work outside today. About the time we normally transition to working outside, a thundershower was threatening. There was thunder relatively nearby for about an hour before we finally got any rain. I'd decided to tempt fate and and was weeding in the garden when the rain finally began falling. We had a modest little thundershower that only dropped .7" of rain, but took out our telephone service.


Becca said...

Looks like a tomato