Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monday, 7/2/07

Green Bean: I'm really glad that Jo and I were able to get the majority of the green beans before they were discovered by the rabbits. It seems as if a veggie can do okay in the garden for a while, but once the rabbits begin eating it, the damage soon becomes extensive.

Sweet Potatoes: Our sweet potatoes have been covered with welded wire tunnels ever since they were transplanted into the garden. Deer love sweet potato vines and we wanted to make certain they were protect should the deer happen to get into the garden. We also hoped the welded wire would discourage rabbits, even though they can squeeze through its mesh. Evidently, our hopes did not come true. We noticed nibbling here and there on the sweet potato vines. So...... This afternoon we covered the welded wire with chicken wire, just like we had to do for the emerging corn plants. The chicken wire will need to stay in place until we dig the sweet potatoes next fall right before the first frost. Fortunately, the sweet potato bed is heavily mulched. We won't be needing to get into it to do any weeding. Getting that chicken wire off after the vines have woven in and out of it ought to be a really fun experience, though. Oh, well. We know from past experience that the sweet potatoes won't do well at producing potatoes underground unless they've got plenty of health, green vines on top of the ground.

Tomatoes: While I cut sections of chicken wire to length for the sweet potatoes, Jo tied up some of the tomato plants that were growing into the path. The tomatoes are in cages, but many have outgrown their confinement. The aisle between the two rows of tomatoes was become a tomato jungle. We had to do something or else I wouldn't be able to keep it mowed and weeded.

No rain: It didn't actually rain today, but you could have wrung moisture out of the air, I think. When we went on our afternoon walk around four o'clock, the temperature was 81º and the relative humidity was 79%.