Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back Into Our Routine

Wednesday, 9/5/07:

Mostly we just got fully back into our routine of working on pots and spoons. We need to get a lot done since our next show is less than two weeks away.

More light, scattered showers. Another .3" rain. The weather did get more stormy during the evening, but nothing severe. Another .4" rain brought our total up to a little over and inch for the past two days.

Tuesday, 9/4/07:

Jo had to make a trip into town to pick up our dogs from the vet's -- actually a trip into town and halfway back to Harrison. We drove right by the vet's office on our way home yesterday, but since it was a holiday the office was closed. We knew it would be.

She made several routine stops while in Marshall, including a trip to the grocery store since we'd forgotten to take our grocery list with us on the trip and made our purchases at Wally World from memory. (Duh!) Jo said every place she stopped was a madhouse -- like a typical Monday morning, but worse. Harp's (our one and only local grocery store) was out of several item that we needed.

Since the weather is cooler (lower eighties), we moved our afternoon walk back up to 4:00 PM. While it was so hot we weren't walking until around seven o'clock. Unfortunately, our neighbor Jerry Joe was messing around doing some fencing. We had to deal with him on his tractor and someone else driving his truck on our "driveway". Rusty and Bucket went crazy. It wasn't a very relaxing walk.

It piddled around at trying to rain off and on all day, but we only received .35"

Monday, 9/3/07:

We got up none too early and headed for the house, stopping at the Wally World in Harrison to do our routine grocery shopping. Once home, we unloaded our personal stuff from the van, did part of the show bookkeeping and then unloaded the merchandise from the van. That was pretty much the extent of our activities for the day.