Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Friday, 8/31/07

Peace Globe sculpture in front of the Fayetteville Town Center building.

Drove Over to Fayetteville, AR, And Set Up For Show

We arrived at the show site at noon. It's around a four hour trip from our place over to Fayetteville, plus time for dropping the dogs off at the vet's in Western Grove and stopping at the Wally World in Harrison to buy flowers to display in Jo's vases.

Location: I was wrong about the location of the show. It was held in the Fayetteville Town Center building, not the Walton Art Center. (A good thing Jo knew where we were going, huh?) Town Center is a multi-purpose venue for meetings, conventions and, of course, art fairs. It's on the "Courthouse Square", except the current Washington County courthouse is actually located a couple of blocks away. Private businesses occupy the old courthouse building.

Elevators: Unfortunately, I wasn't wrong about having to transport all our fixtures and merchandise from the van to our booth via an elevator. We parked in the lower level of the parking garage and the show was three levels above on the lobby level. Transporting via an elevator wasn't really any harder than usual, but certainly consumed a lot of time. Setting up took until 5 PM. Then, we left, checked into the Sleep Inn, cleaned up and changed clothes and were back at the show by seven o'clock.

Patron Preview Party: Free entertainment, beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres for the patrons (i. e. folks who paid fifty bucks to attend) and artists. Sales were modest as they usually are for such events. A couple of relatively large sales made it worth our time, I reckon. The party lasted until ten o'clock. By the time Jo and I made it back to the motel, we were more than ready for bed. Could it be that we're getting old?