Saturday, September 08, 2007

Over The Past Few Days

Pots and Spoons: There hasn't been a great deal going on around here except Jo working on pottery and me working on spoons.

Cold: I managed to pick up cold bug while we were out on the road. That's the problem when you leave the reservation: You have to make contact with other people who may have germs. Fortunately, this seems to be a "lite" version of a cold. I started coming down with it Thursday but was already feeling better by Friday. Here on Saturday, the cold is pretty much gone except for a few sniffles. Fast -- and that's good because I really didn't have time to mess with being sick. Now, we have to see if Jo catches the cold from me.

Unpredictable Weather: At least NOAA hasn't done a very good job of predicting our weather over the past few days. A high chance of rain has been in our forecast, but all we've actually received is a tad of very light drizzle. Some of the days have even ended up being fairly sunny. Jo's managed to get one load of clothes washed and dried on the clothesline and is trying another today. She probably could have gotten more done had she simply paid no attention to the weather forecasts. Our temperatures have ranged from the upper eighties when it was sunny to the lower eighties on days that remained overcast.

Microsoft Update Problems: I'll not bore you with the details, but I've been having problems getting my Microsoft updates downloaded and installed. After much trial and error and posting a question on the Microsoft Update Newsgroup, I finally determined that the problem was my Norton firewall. If I turn the firewall off, I can get the updates to download. This is very strange to me since I've been using this firewall since 2003 and have updated Windows many, many times over the years -- just more of the fun and games involved in dealing with Microsoft, I reckon.

Now, I have to catch up with all the updates that haven't been downloading. Some of them are fairly large and take a long time to download on our extremely slow dial up Internet connection. I've decided that the best approach seems to be downloading and installing the larger updates one at a time.