Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ready To Hit The Road Again

The van is loaded and we are ready to pull out Friday morning. We'll be heading for Springfield, IL, this time around. It's a long trip with lots of work that must be done once we arrive. It's an outdoor show where both Jo and I were accepted. That means we've got to get two canopies set up, the fixtures for both put into place and our merchandise unloaded Friday evening at the very least. Then, we'll need to get to the show relatively early Saturday morning and get everything unpacked and displayed before the show opens.

Packing our clothes was difficult for Jo. According to the forecast for Springfield, we'll need warmer clothes than we've had to wear in over six months. Saturday's temperatures are supposed to start out in the lower forties and only make it up to the mid-sixties. That's a big change from what we've been experiencing.

Fall has finally arrived here in the Ozarks, though. A couple of days back our temperatures were down the in mid-fifties. We haven't seen temperatures higher than the mid-eighties since then.

The garden is suffering from neglect. That always seems to happen this time of year when we get into our schedule of fall shows. (That's one of the reasons why we gave up on planting a fall garden years ago.) While it was still so hot and dry, it didn't really matter much that Jo and I were concentrating our efforts of making more pots and spoons. However, the cooler temperatures and little bit of rain we got with the last cool front have caused the weeds and grass to start growing a bit again. There's work to be done out in the garden, but we just may not get around to it for a while.

Disgruntled Cows: Jerry Joe has had all his gates open allowing his cows to roam in the woods for the past week or so. This seems to be a younger, more skittish group of heifers. They've made a major ordeal of getting themselves sorted out, roaming all over the place and bellowing back and forth at each other. Friday was the first day in several days that we haven't had to run cows out of our yard. On some of the past few days, we've had to herd cows at least a half dozen times. I've flanged up the garden as best I can and the electric fence is on. The garden may be getting into bad shape, but it would be in much worse shape if cows got into it.


Unknown said...

Marvin, I hope you and Jo made a killing and we will see you soon