Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back Online

Pines on our upper pasture near the pond.

Hey, it's great to be back online again. Our ISP decided to take the day off. I don't know what the problem was. Monday evening, our dial up would connect, but no data was transferring between our computer and their server. During most of the day Tuesday, we couldn't connect at all. I called, just to make absolutely certain the problem was theirs and not mine, but I kept getting a busy signal. This has happened before. I suspect they take their phone off the hook during major outages.

Our balmy weather is gone and it's back to being winter again, although our temperatures are forecast to just barely dip below freezing early Wednesday morning. Some areas of the Ozarks paid a price for those unseasonable warm temperatures. When the approaching cold front hit all the warm, moist air hanging over our region, a line of severe thunderstorm developed. Several tornadoes were reported in southern Missouri.

How we missed getting any of the severe weather, I'll never know. Before we lost Internet service, the NOAA map showed a line of severe thunderstorm stretching from western Arkansas up into Missouri, and it was heading our way. Later, I heard that eastern Arkansas got some bad storms too. However, we got virtually nothing -- less than a tenth of an inch of rain. I reckon that line of storms slipped to our north and then reformed to hit eastern Arkansas.

Our high temperature on Tuesday was almost seventy degrees, but it occurred early in the morning. Our temperature fell all day.

North side of upper pasture.



Anonymous said...

We had your weather last night. Howling wind and driven rain. It was going sideways against the windows. We didn't get the tornadoes though and for that I am grateful.

Abraham Lincoln

Q said...

Lovely photos of your trees!
You have a beautiful landscape.
If the birds and butterflies wouldn't mind too much I would love to move out of the city! Way too many power lines and stop signs for me.
It has been crazy January weather.
Glad the worst of the storms went around you!

Lana Gramlich said...

Our temps are still around 70F, although we did get some bad thunderstorms last night. Sounds like that nasty front that came through near your area probably had something to do with your internet problems. Most places like that will disable phone lines when a major problem occurs & I can sympathize. Working security at an apartment/townhouse complex years ago, the power went out. Had I not unplugged the phone & turned off my radio, I would have had to say "Yes, I know, they're working on it," 50,000 times.

Unknown said...

Glad the bad weather missed you and that you are back on line. Beautiful pix of your pasture.

Marvin said...

Abraham: I used to like stormy weather more before becoming a property owner.


Sherry: I'm sure your city birds would miss you, but I'm equally certain that you'd attract a huge following of country birds in no time.


Lana: Yes, I can understand my ISP not wanting to field hundreds of calls about their service being out. A good compromise would be a recorded message acknowledging their problem. I always like to know for sure it's their problem and not mine. There have been a couple of times that I accidentally changed a setting on my computer that kept me from connecting.

Oh, well. It's working now. I'm happy until my service goes out again.


Thanks, Cathy.

smilnsigh said...

More people with Internet connection troubles! Yuck. My Wireless Router box had a minor 'nervous breakdown' the other day. :-( And I keep reading of others, like you, who have had their own kind of problems.

You have dial up. Can you easily read my city photo blog? Wondering because lots and lots of pictures take lots and lots of load time. -sigh-

One of my other blogs has more 'pictures.' And I've been told that no one with dial up could wait for it to load.

This later one is a more *Prettty Stuff* one so you'd probably not be interested anyway. Just saying.

But I did try to make even that one, easier to load. I stopped having wee little pics, between paragraphs. And I took all but minimum pics, off my Side Bar. And I never have all the *cutsey* stuff on my Side Bar, with a lot of gals do. Yishhh..

So, finally, I get around to saying thank you for stopping by and commenting in my city photos blog!
Glad to meet you!


Mary said...

I get all antsy with I lose connection. Glad it is solved. We had a warm week, too, Marvin.

Marvin said...

Mari-Nanci: I compensate for my dial up by subscribing to a blog and always using a reader. That way, I only have to load one post at a time. I haven't had any problems with your blogs. The resolution/file size of photos is as important as the quantity. The resolution of you photos (that I checked) is relatively low, plenty good enough for viewing on a monitor but still small enough for dial up to handle without timing out. Thank you!


Mary: Sometimes is more than a little frightening how much a part of my life this computer (and being able to get onto the Net) has become.

lisa said...

My dialup like to suck a lot, too...better than nothing, but barely. I have trouble loading a lot of blogs from home, but at work I can navigate much better. My photo file size tends to be pretty big, but I'm a tad dense with re-sizing and all that...oh well. Opening one post at a time is a great solution! Even without subscribing to a feed, I can do that and navigate much better...thanks!