Friday, January 25, 2008

Katydid Nymph

Photo from 7/23/06

A katydid nymph exploring the dried dill weed out in the garden.

A gray winter day here. 28º at 3:00 PM and a gusty, damp south wind is blowing.

It's a good day for sorting through old photos. I'm deleting many that aren't as good as I once thought they were. (Hey, I've gotten better.) I'll be posting a few of the "keepers" from time to time.



smilnsigh said...

Lovely! And it's 'for real,' hu? I mean, at first it looked Photo-shopped. But I don't think it is.

I'll be honest. I don't like Photo-shopping. I like photos to show what 'was there,' so to speak. Or what the camera saw, anyway. But! That's just me!!!! Many people are in love with Photo-shop. :-)


Marvin said...

It's real. A touch of increased contrast, saturation and sharpness, but the katydid was on the dill in the garden. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cool picture!

Mary said...

Good job, Marvin. Love the katydids.

We have the same weather although our cold is very dry. Bad for the skin. 16 degrees tomorrow morning. Yes, we do have winter in Charlotte.

smilnsigh said...

Re: Your comment on this entry.

"I prefer my lighting more staid, reserved and old-fashioned -- something like a lava lamp."

-grinnnnnnnnnn- Love it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice photograph, Marvin.

Tom said...

Never Ever seen these so I'm well impresses... Enlarged it takes on a whole new perspective... I need to look for insects now and try this... things is I'd not to good with insects.. 6'1'' 18stone but run run a mile if I suddenly came across a spider.. ha!.. what a wimp.

imac said...

Great photo and wow factor when enlarged.

Q said...

Once a month I have to go through the photos and delete and save on disks. I am not sure what ever I will do with thousand of Cardinal photos. LOL
Photography is wonderful. You have the eye.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We too have these little katydids in our garden. They are so noisy as adults.

I look forward to more keepers.

Lana Gramlich said...

That is an awesome shot!

Kerri Farley said...

Wow! Glad you didn't delete this one! This is FANTASTIC!

My hubby bought me an external hard drive so that I can store my shots....I have such a HARD TIME deleting any.

lisa said...

Oh yea, keeper for sure! Had I not enlarged it, I'd never realized that katydid nymphs are FUZZY! Thank you!