Sunday, January 13, 2008


Shadow Forest.



Stacie said...

What an awesome picture. I love the vibrant colors, the contrast of the orange and green, and the sunlight on the tips of the moss. Also the shadow of the moss behind the leaf. You have a good eye for photograhpy!

Q said...

Wow! This is an awesome photo. I agree with Stacie. Everything about this picture is perfect.
Thank you!
You do have a great eye.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That is some coool looking moss. I don't think I have seen that kind around here. I will look for it in the future.

Lana Gramlich said...

That's really cool. I can almost imagine little teensy people living in that forest!

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed it was spruce tree seedlings. I never saw moss like this before. I am never too old to learn something new. Nice photo, Marvin.

smilnsigh said...

I love shadows. And this is a very unique shadow pic. Usually they have to show on the side of a building. Never saw one, through a leaf!

And I doubt my Garden Gnome likes this winter part of his "job." Measuring snow. But her really like it in summer ~ surrounded by pink petunias! :-) And this morning, he's back under some snow again. Poor thing! ,-)


smilnsigh said...

Re: My Garden Gnome.

I said that in summer, he's surrounded by Petunias. Actually, he's surrounded by Impatiens. :-)


Marvin said...

Thanks to one and all for the kind words. I'm blushing.


Stacie: I have to admit that I don't always "see" everything in a photo until viewed on my monitor.


Sherry: You've been known to take some mighty good photos yourself.


Lisa: I have no idea what that "moss" actually is, but we have quite a bit of it in places that tend to stay a little damp.


Lana: The little people were there, but wouldn't sign a model release so I had to crop them out.


Abraham: We call it "moss" and I reckon that's what it is, but I'm clueless about an ID beyond that.


Mari-Nanci: I agree: The smile on Mr. Gnome looks much more sincere when he's surrounded by flowers instead of "treading water" keeping his head above the snow.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What ever it is the picture is a cracker... I really do like this one Marvin..

Marvin said...

Thank you, Tom

lisa said...

Gotta love the macro! Nice job!