Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, 8/27/07

RABBITS: We've almost gotten ourselves out of the rabbit raising game. We didn't plan it that way; we just weren't paying close enough attention and let all our rabbits get old without saving any replacements. Several months back we got a young buck from some friends thinking that he would solve all our problems. However, it takes two to tango -- so they say -- and we discovered that our doe population (3) was as geriatricly impair as was/were our bucks. (One buck died; the other was shooting blanks.)

We bred our new buck to our three does. Two does did not conceive and the other had a litter of one -- and it died.

We tried again. One doe still did not conceive. Another was clearly pregnant, went several days passed due and died. The third had a litter of two.

We finally got around to sexing our two new rabbits today and found we have a male and a female. Two females would have been better, but with our luck, we figured we had two bucks. I reckon we can start rebuilding our rabbit herd now. I also reckon that we've got some rabbits that need to be butchered for the stew pot.

HORNWORMS: We may be at the end of our tomato (tobacco) hornworm problem. I certainly hope so! Today we only found one caterpillar. Yesterday and the day before we only found two per day. That's a lot better than the dozen or so we found for several days in a row.

HOT AGAIN: The temperature climbed up to almost a hundred degrees today. It was still 80º at midnight. Tuesday is also supposed to be really hot. However, a new cool front, lower temperatures and a chance of rain are forecast for Wednesday.