Friday, August 31, 2007

Thursday, 8/30/07

Rain: We got a piddling little rain shower around two o'clock and I certainly wish we hadn't. It isn't that we don't need the rain; we do. However, that little shower didn't provide enough mosture to help the situation. All it did was get the grass wet and dramatically increase the humidity right before Jo and I began working on getting the van loaded. It was like pouring water on the rocks in a sauna.

Load Van: Despite the humidity, we got the van loaded and are ready to head over to Fayetteville Friday morning. We've never done a show at the Walton Art Center before, but set up doesn't sound easy. From what we've heard, the loading dock and the show hall are on two different levels and involve the use of a freight elevator. That ought to be fun -- NOT!!! What's worse is that we cannot piddle around with sitting up our booths and merchandise. We've got to be ready to go for a patron preview party Friday evening. It will be a long day by the time the preview party is over and we get to go to the motel.

Hornworms: Only one found and squashed.

Weather: 94/71 ... partly to mostly cloudy skies ... light to moderate mostly north wind ... a trace of rain around 2 PM ... 71º at midnight.