Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saturday, 8/25/07

The worst of our summertime heat wave seems to be coming to an end. Late Friday afternoon we received a little cool front. This morning we received a some rain (only .3") and today's high temperature was only 86º, a full ten degrees lower than yesterday. It was a muggy 86º, but that's still better than having the heat up around 100º. Partly cloudy skies helped keep our temperature down. The sun tried to break through and dominate several times, but never really made it. Overnight the temp made it down to 67º, the first time we've seen the thermometer fall below seventy in quite some time.

Jo didn't get to enjoy the full benefit of our reduced temperatures because she was doing a glaze firing. I started the firing at midnight and she finished it around noon. (Actually, all I do is record the electric meter reading and turn on the exhaust fan in the kiln room. The kiln is programmed to start automatically.) Adding all that heat warmed up the studio quite a bit, but it still wasn't as bad as it would have been had we not received the little cool front.